Faculty and Staff: Eve Brank

Personal Information

Eve is married to her college sweetheart, Adam, and they have one daughter. She enjoys running, sewing, home-improvement projects, and shopping.


  • B.S., Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida 1996
  • M.A., University of Nebraska, Lincoln 1999
  • J.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2000
  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2001

Areas of Interest

  • Legal interventions and interference in personal and family decision making.

Professional Activities & Community Service

  • President-elect, American Psychology-Law Society, Division 41 of the American Psychological Association
  • Co-editor, Court Review. For the American Judges Association
  • Co-director, Peer Review of Teaching Project, University of Nebraska
  • Member, Nebraska Supreme Court Commission on Guardianship and Conservators
  • Faculty Advisor, Scientific Resources for the Law (SRL)

Selected Projects/Publications

  • Brank, E.M., *Kaspar, V., & Fox, K.A. (in press). Songs you know by heart: Alcohol, promiscuous sex, drugs, and escape in Jimmy Buffett’s music.
  • *Hamm, J.A., *Wylie, L.E., & Brank, E. M. (in press). Measuring Older Adult Confidence in the Courts and Law Enforcement. Criminal Justice Policy Review.
  • *Wylie, L.E., Brank, E.M., & Bornstein, B.H. (in press). “Now Dear, What Do You Remember?” Patronizing Communication and Older Eyewitnesses’ Memory Performance. Journal of Forensic Psychology.
  • Piquero, N.L., *Meitl, M. B., Brank, E.M., Woolard, J.L., Lanza-Kaduce, L. & Piquero, A. R. (in press). Exploring Lawyer Misconduct: An Examination of the Self-Regulation Process. Deviant Behavior.
  • *Wylie, L.E., *Bergt, S., *Haby, J.A., Brank, E.M., & Bornstein, B. H. (2015). Age and lineup type differences in the own-race bias. Psychology, Crime and Law. 21 (5), 490-506.
  • *Hoetger, L. A., *Hazen, K., & Brank, E.M. (2015). All in the family: A retrospective study comparing sibling bullying and peer bullying. Journal of Family Violence, 30, 103-111.
  • Brank, E. M. & *Wylie, L.E. (2014). Elders and the justice system. In Brian Cutler & Patricia Zapf, Eds. Handbook of Forensic Psychology, Volume 2, 59-77.
  • Brank, E. M., *Hoetger, L.A., *Wylie, L.E., & *Scott, B.L. (2014). Law enforcement officers’ and prosecuting attorneys’ perceptions of juvenile delinquency. In Monica. K. Miller, Jeremy A., Blumenthal, & Jared. Chamberlain, Eds. Handbook of Community Sentiment.
  • *Wylie, L.E., *Patihis, L., *McCuller, L.L., Davis, D., Brank, E.M., Loftus, E. F., & Bornstein, B.H. (2014). Misinformation effects in older versus younger adults: A meta-analysis and review. In Michael P. Toglia, David F. Ross, Joanna Pozzulo, & Emily Pica, Eds. The Elderly Eyewitness in Court.
  • *King, C.M., *Wylie, L. E., Brank, E.M., & Heilbrun, K. (2014). Disputed paraphilia diagnoses and legal decisionmaking: A case law survey of Paraphilia NOS, nonconsent. Psychology, Public Policy, and the Law, 20, 294-308.
  • Brank, E.M., & *Wylie, L. E. (2014). Differing perspectives on older adult caregiving. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 20, 313-336.

(*indicates student authors)

Photo of Eve Brank.