Serving Nebraska

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Service to the state is a central component of the mission of the University of Nebraska. CCFL holds a strong commitment to the people of Nebraska. Center faculty work closely with state and local agencies, the Governor's Office on Child and Family Policy, the legislature, and nonprofit organizations to promote child and family welfare through training and educational programs, legal and policy analyses, consultation with service providers, and research intended to address practical child and family welfare issues. Here are a few of the Nebraska policy and service initiatives CCFL has been involved with:

  • Implementation of the Nebraska Family Policy Act, which governs programs for children, youth and families; CCFL provides technical assistance and legal analysis to state legislators and administrators and analyzes data on the needs of Nebraska's children and families
  • Consultation with multidisciplinary child abuse investigatory and service teams set up throughout the state to improve their services to families at risk for child maltreatment
  • Assistance in the implementation of the state's family preservation and support program; CCFL provides Nebraska communities with technical assistance in both program design and evaluation.
  • Training on family-centered, community-based child welfare services; CCFL, in partnership with the state, provides pre-service and in-service training to Child Welfare and Juvenile Services staff and supervisors
  • Sponsorship of conferences, policy seminars and speaker series which cover a variety of issues relating to child and family well-being.
Map of CCFL Training Sites in Nebraska