Access to Respite Survey

In 1999, the Nebraska Legislature established the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Program (LB 148).  Based on this legislation, the Department of Health and Human Services established six Lifespan Respite Service Areas to coordinate respite resources across Nebraska.  The Lifespan Respite Network was established to:
  1. Create a single point of contact within each Service Area to provide information and referral regarding respite resources;
  2. Increase the public’s awareness of respite and provide community outreach by involving interested stakeholders and building on existing resources;
  3. Increase access to respite resources by recruiting appropriate providers and promoting the expansion of respite services;
  4. Ensure training is available for both consumers and providers by coordinating existing training resources and recruiting additional resources to meet the training needs across the Lifespan; and
  5. Implement ongoing evaluation of providers, caregivers and the respite system to determine unmet needs.

There are 8 questions in this survey.