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Mission Statement

The RAP Sheet is intended to inform professionals across the state of Nebraska of current findings from social science research that could impact the delivery of services to children and families. Summaries of recent articles from academic journals (and occasionally book chapters) on the areas of child protection and juvenile justice are the focus, with smaller sections reserved for announcements and websites of interest. Other topics will be included in special issues as needed. Citations are provided in the format used by the American Psychological Association (APA), and are available through many university libraries. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and can be sent to the Faculty Advisor.

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Production Information

Funding for the RAP Sheet is provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services System, UNL's Center on Children, Families, and the Law, and the Nebraska Court Improvement Project. Additional funding is provided by Grant No. G-0001NESCIP from the Children's Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services. The contents are solely the responsibility of the editors and do not represent the official views or policies of the US DHHS, nor does publication in any way constitute an endorsement by that agency.

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Faculty Advisor: Vicky Weisz
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Our mission

Is to conduct research, analyze policy, and provide education and community service. The purpose of CCFL's activities is to enhance the well-being of children, youth, and families.

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