Linda Moody

Linda Moody
TCAN Project Manager 402-472-3479
Personal Information

When not preparing taxes or thinking of taxes, Linda enjoys her time with her partner and one year old German Shepherd, raising hops on the family farm, and when time allows, golfing. In addition, Linda likes most anything in red, i.e. Huskers, Case IH, and bulldogs (Ainsworth High School mascot).

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, BS (Agricultural Education)
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MS (Agricultural Education)
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PhD (Administration, Curriculum, & Instruction)
Areas of Interest: 
  • Free and accessible income tax preparation
  • Experiential Education (service-learning & civic engagement)
Professional Activities & Community Service: 
  • Lincoln Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition: member and director
  • Ainsworth American Legion Auxilliary: member
CCFL Projects:
Selected Presentations & Publications: 

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*Undergraduate and graduate student colleagues.