Children’s Justice Clinic & Children’s Justice Attorney Education

The Children’s Justice Clinic (CJC) is a partnership between CCFL and the University of Nebraska College of Law to train third-year law students to serve as guardians ad litem (GAL) in Nebraska’s Juvenile Court System through clinical education. The CJC, led by Director Michelle Paxton, J.D., delivers a holistic and experiential learning environment. Law students are educated and mentored by experts as they represent their child clients and interact with the social workers and mental health professionals involved in juvenile court cases. CCFL offers consultation with a multidisciplinary team of practitioners in psychology, child welfare, social work, and mental health. Law students participating in the CJC gain the specialized knowledge and skills needed to provide children with the high-quality representation and advocacy they deserve.

CJC Case Consultants

Children’s Justice Clinic


The Children’s Justice Attorney Education program (CJAE) was created by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center on Children, Families, and the Law and Nebraska Law. This innovative fellowship program will provide extensive training, expert case consultation, and reflective practice to transform legal representation for vulnerable children across the state. Michelle Paxton, Director of the Children’s Justice Clinic (CJC) and the CJAE, developed the program based on the CJC’s successful approach, which provides comprehensive training to law students as they become Guardians ad Litem. Similarly, the attorney program will improve the availability and quality of legal representation for children and families in rural communities, including underrepresented low-income, Latinx, and Indigenous populations. The CJAE is partnering with Legal Aid Nebraska to assist in program development and management. The CJAE will work to educate and empower rural attorneys to become high-quality child welfare advocates across Nebraska.

CJAE Case Consultants
  • Laurel Johnson, Project Manager
  • Jennie Cole-Mossman, LIMHP
  • Sarah Dunham, LIMHP, LADC
  • Elizabeth Eynon-Kokrda, JD, MA
  • Misty Flowers, MA
  • Alicia Henderson, JD
  • Jill Holt, MSW, MPA
  • April Kirkendall, JD
  • Tom Maxson, LIMHP, LADC, SAP, MAC
  • Jordan McCoy, LIMHP
  • Lauren Micek Vargas, JD
  • Jen Rine, MS, LIMHP, PLADC
  • Jonathan Seagrass, JD


Children’s Justice Attorney Education program