Resource Center on Child Abuse and Neglect Teams (RCCANT)

The Resource Center on Child Abuse and Neglect Teams (RCCANT) was a multi-year project during which CCFL provided training, resources, and consultation to support County Child Abuse and Neglect Teams in Nebraska. The 1992 Nebraska Legislature created the teams in LB 1184, and it is from the bill number that they received their popular name. Every county in Nebraska is required to create and maintain 1184 Teams in order to monitor and coordinate investigations when abuse or neglect has been reported. The teams also coordinate and monitor treatment for families where child abuse or neglect has been found. The teams operate pursuant to protocols that provide for coordinated joint law enforcement and Health and Human Services investigation of cases; ensure law enforcement participation; reduce the risk of harm to child abuse and neglect victims; ensure that children are in safe surroundings; share information among professionals; and manage the team’s activities.

RCCANT was funded through the Department of Health and Human Services to provide state–wide help and support for the individual county (or joint county) teams. RCCANT provided consultation with teams, prepared and distributed a desk book for team operation, presented trainings both regionally and state–wide, and, with the cooperation of the Crime Commission, gathered information about teams as required by law. RCCANT also administered grant funding for the teams. The legislature assigned RCCANT’s training and coordination duties to the child advocacy centers across the state. The child advocacy centers are geographically closer to the 1184 teams, and are uniquely involved with the local law enforcement and child protection agencies.

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