Training for the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Protection and Safety Workforce

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center on Children Families and the Law (CCFL) provides critical Child Protection & Safety (CP&S) training for Child and Family Services (CFS) Specialists with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services–Division of Children and Family Services (NDHHS-DCFS), and Nebraska Tribal staff. Our dedicated training team offers a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach with customized training that is comprehensive, engaging, and skill-based, using experiential simulation to prepare the child welfare workforce to succeed.

CP&S New Worker Training prepares CFS Specialists to serve as case managers to Nebraska children and families identified as needing child welfare intervention because of abuse or neglect. This includes children who lack proper care due to parental actions or through no fault of the parents; children whose parents give up their rights to the State; and children who are wards of another state agency for which placement is requested.

An essential part of ensuring effective training is training evaluation. The goals of CCFL's evaluation system are to collect information to a) provide supervisors, trainees, and trainers with feedback about individual trainee performance, including strengths and areas for improvement, and b) inform decisions about the future use of various instructional activities for optimal delivery.

CP&S New Worker Training is developed in collaboration with NDHHS-DCFS and provided by CCFL under a contract administered by the NDHHS–DCFS.

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