Selected Publications

The following are selected publications published by CCFL faculty and staff. Additional publications can be found on our faculty and staff pages, as well as our project pages.

Also known as the "Red Book," this publication is compiled every two years as a reference guide for lawyers, judges, social service workers, and other professionals who work in the juvenile system in Nebraska.

Download Nebraska Revised Statutes: Selected Provisions Pertaining to Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Vulnerable Adults

Brank, E.M. The Psychology of Family Law. New York University Press. Family law encompasses legislation related to domestic relationships—marriages, parenthood, civil unions, guardianship, and more. No other area of law touches so closely to home, or is changing at such a rapid pace—in fact, family law is so dynamic precisely because it is inextricably intertwined with psychological issues such as human behavior, attitudes, and social norms. Read more...

Wiener, R. L. & Brank, E.M., Eds (2013). Problem Solving Courts: Social Science and Legal Perspectives. Springer Publishing.

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