Student Opportunities

A staff mentoring a student.
Student Opportunities

One of our goals is to teach and mentor students.

We support many student assistantships and research experiences each year from a variety of departments and disciplines both at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska-Omaha. These students will be able to have hands-on experience working in a policy-relevant center where they can put their research skills to use on real-world problems.

Helping students help their future:

  • Students assist in research activities at CCFL.
  • Students assist with service activities at CCFL.
  • Students work with the faculty and project directors to present at conferences or publish their research.

Opportunities available

Come get hands-on experience working in a policy-relevant center

Our Alumni Stories

My favorite memory from working at CCFL is assisting in child protective service worker training. During role play simulations, I was able to help trainees learn to cope with situations such as abusive live-in boyfriends walking in on interviews, sexual harassment, and other difficult scenarios. CCFL always does its best to ensure that the professionals it trains are prepared for a wide range of circumstances.

Marc W. Pearce Former Graduate research assistant, currently Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Administration at University of Nebraska College of Law