Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children


Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children (NRPVYC) serves to improve the wellbeing of maltreated infants and toddlers in Nebraska. Co-directed by Jennie Cole-Mossman, LIMHP and Kelli Hauptman, J.D., this project offers technical assistance, training, and evaluation. Highlights of their work include working with judges in using trauma screening in their courtrooms, providing training and consultation of child-parent psychotherapists, and conducting empirically-driven evaluations of therapeutic courts (e.g., Drug Court). Finally, NRPVYC is partnering with the University of Nebraska Medical Center-Munroe Meyer, the Nebraska Department of Education-Step Up to Quality, and the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation (NCFF) to provide reflective practice, reflective supervision, and reflective consultation for child protection and safety workers in Nebraska.