Children Exposed to Methamphetamine Labs (CHEM-L)

The CHEM-L Protocol provides guidance for the following personnel to guide action before, during, and after a child is found in association with a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory in Nebraska.

Protocol for Nebraska to improve the safety and medical care of children under 18 who are found in association with a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory. This protocol defines best practices for: gathering information at the scene needed for appropriate medical care, including exposure risks, health history, and health supplies; assessing the child's medical needs, including the effects of drugs, toxic chemicals, abuse, neglect, or injury; gathering medical evidence to support appropriate placement including evidence of endangerment, abuse and/or neglect; and providing appropriate information to individuals providing foster care for the child. Includes information on roles of law enforcement, HHSS Protection and Safety workers, and the need for a primary contact for children.

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