Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts

The Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts, created in 2005, consists of judges, lawyers, representatives of the legislative and executive branches, and children’s advocates. Its charge is to study systemic issues and make recommendations to the Supreme Court to ensure that the court system is as responsive as possible for children who interact with, or are directly affected by the courts. It is co-chaired by Judge Everett O. Inbody, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, and Douglas County Separate Juvenile Court Judge Douglas F. Johnson, who is a Past President of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. The main work of the Commission is done in subcommittees.

Examples of the Commission’s past and present priorities include:

  1. researching and making recommendations to expedite the appellate process,
  2. developing guidelines and training recommendations for lawyers who represent children in cases involving abuse & neglect, juvenile law violations, and family dissolution & child custody,
  3. developing recommendations for court practices to provide greater oversight over children’s educational needs,
  4. developing recommendations and protocols for collaborative practices, including pre-hearing conferences, mediation, and family group conferences, and
  5. studying and making recommendations regarding inconsistencies in guardianship laws and practices.

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