CCFL Staff Profile of the Week: Amelia Feit

Amelia Feit

Amelia Feit
Training Specialist I

Projects Involved in at CCFL:

What Amelia enjoys most about her job at CCFL:

There's a lot that I enjoy about being here. I love having a friendly group of people who are supportive and always available to answer random questions, the ability to work from home as well as my beautiful office, and the opportunity to help workers be great for the families and people they serve.

Learn more about Amelia:

My hobbies all make me sound like an older person, which I'm really okay with. I love to read. I've been quilting since I was about seven. I do cross stitch, knitting, and soap making. I enjoy adult coloring books or dot-to-dots for stress relief. If I could, I would own an RV and make traveling across the country with my family a hobby as well. My favorite food is my Dad's homemade pancakes, which he used to make at least once a week. He still makes them if I come over for breakfast on the weekends, and they remind me of my childhood. Plus, they're delicious and sometimes in the shape of a teddy bear with chocolate chips for the eyes.