New project - Children's Justice Clinic

Kevin Ruser and third-year law student Kelsey Heino review a case in the new workspaces of the Marvin and Virginia Schmid Clinic Building.

We are thrilled to announce a new project – the Children’s Justice Clinic!

The Children’s Justice Clinic is a partnership between CCFL and the College of Law and will build on our expertise in training child welfare workers by teaching law students interested in pursuing a career in child welfare. The Clinic begins this Fall and will train third-year law students as guardians ad litem (GAL). As so many of you know, being a good GAL is more than just being a good lawyer. It takes qualities this partnership and clinic are uniquely capable of nurturing. CCFL will be instrumental in training these student GALs on the topics critical to effectively representing young children including domestic violence, substance abuse, interviewing children, and trauma. Michelle Paxton will serve as the clinic director and will rely on CCFL training expertise for classroom sessions and case consultations. This a fantastic project, and we are excited to be partnering with the College of Law on it. Congratulations to Michelle Paxton in bringing her idea to a reality!